our history

 KONAK ENTERPRISES (PVT) LTD has been registered with the Zimbabwe Registrar of Companies since 13 December 1993 and has been in operation since then.
Trading as Konak Walling the company started off at a small industrial property in Eastlea, Harare with a handful of workers and the acquisition of metal moulds to manufacture concrete walling panels.  Within the first year of operation, the company acquired a 5 ton truck to deliver manufactured walling components to  site and started erecting precast walls. It also started manufacturing and installing steel gates and letterboxes.

In September 2014 the company secured an empty 4800m2 industrial stand from City of Harare at 35A Shepperton Road in Graniteside to rent. The property could not be purchased since it was and is still located on the corridor of the planned railway line to Chitungwiza.  City of Harare prescribed in its lease agreement that on the said property only temporary structures may be erected.  This came handy for us being allowed to build “temporary” structures (which became our offices, our workshops and workshops to let) using prefabricated walling techniques. The skill of constructing modular buildings was thus developed. At the same time (during the mid and late nineties, Konak was extremely busy with walling and gate orders. This made the company grow from its humble beginnings into one of the most experienced walling companies in Zimbabwe.

In 2002 Konak joined the Construction Industry Federation of Zimbabwe (CIFOZ) and has been a member in Class 07, Category C ever since. Operating from a leased property triggered Konak to purchase its own 4500m2  industrial stand (No. 10225) in Willowvale. We – however – kept operating until to date from the Graniteside property being in many aspect very conveniently situated and with fairly priced rentals. On the Willowvale property we built industrial workshops to let. Grapping good offers the company acquired other industrial stands (  ) as investments to develop. From this time on we developed the construction sector of KONAK. Had we before trained and developed only wall erectors and concrete moulders, we now intensified the training of brick layers, builders, carpenters, plumbers, painters, plasterers and electricians, partly inhouse and partly by sending to vocational centres. This enabled us to eventually construct, roof, plumb, electrify, plaster and paint permanent (brick built) buildings.

In 2012 KONAK secured its first big construction project from Ngezi Platinum Mine Community Trust to build its first rural school. Currently KONAK is constructing its 5th school in Shamwa region. Consequently, the Konak walling department has since included brick and block built perimeter walls, which have become more popular than precast walls, in its product range.

Since 2010 KONAK has invested a great amount of money and time into manufacturing natural stone products. It started off with the acquisition of a bridge saw that allows to cut natural stone. Using this machine and exclusively Zimbabwean stone, Konak has since developed making stone walling, stone flooring tiles and wall cladding panels by cementing or gluing stone (ribbon) tiles together.

KONAK is motivated to continue to produce quality products to the satisfaction of all its clientele. We aspire to continue to do so in the next 20 by 20 years and hope that you will join us in this venture.